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Capital Environment Holdings Limited (CEHL) is a public company whose shares are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, under stock code 3989.

We are a leading provider of comprehensive waste management solutions and environmental infrastructure services in China. We have established a market presence spanning across fourteen provinces in China including cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing and Nanchang. Our target is to achieve a treatment capacity of over 12,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day by the year 2015/2016.

Waste Management in China
According to an industry report on China Waste Treatment Industry 2011-2015, ‘Of the 100 million tonnes of waste generated annually on the mainland, about 70% went to landfills, 10% were incinerated or composted, and the rest of 20% remained unrecyclable.’ Considering waste is growing annually at a rate of 8.4% around the world, China’s 10% annual growth rate suggests an urgent need for a remedy. Yet, the amount of waste being incinerated per capita in China is far lower than that of other developed countries. Xu Wenlong, president of China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute made a comment at the Fourth Conference on Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Technologies and Equipment (第四次生活垃圾焚燒處理技術與設備研討會), ‘In China, the rate of municipal waste incineration stood at just 0.044kg per capita. We anticipate, by 2015, the total municipal solid waste generated in our country will at least reach 184 million tonnes annually.’ His comment suggested a deteriorating environment, growing pollution of all forms and heightened the shortage of resources in the country.

Seeking a sustainable solution
New technologies and a growing concern for a clean environment has brought about a sea change in how waste should be managed at the community level. Uncontrolled landfills are no longer satisfactory answers to the 21st century modern citizens. Communities are seeking integrated solutions that will effectively solve the waste problem and at the same time, remain sustainable in the long term. Apart from the series of economic incentives, a new ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle promoted by the government and environmental organizations is driving the development of resource conservation and waste control.

Favourable Government Policies
In the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015), the Chinese government has laid down a number of directives related to waste management in order to accelerate improvement in the country's overall environment. These policies include:

1. Strengthen municipal planning and control to facilitate compensation for promoting settlement within community

  • Establish an accountable compensation system to facilitate proper settlement with local residents so that waste treatment facilities can be built within the community.

2. Optimize quality and efficiency by selecting the right technologies and prioritizing construction of facilities.

  • Building a sanitary landfill should be the first priority for each town;
  • Improvement works should be implemented to existing landfills, promoting the use of leachate treatment and at the same time, strengthened the management of existing landfills in the community.

3. Expand government investment to ensure the sustainability of the industry

  • During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the government will consolidate regulation and focus on recovery work for sub standard retired waste dumping ground.
  • Meanwhile, enforce promotion and education of a waste classification system; build waste collection and transporting infrastructure in the Midwest area.

Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions
At CEHL, we hold exclusive licenses to a number of leading waste management technologies in China. Core technologies include sorting, dry and wet anaerobic digestion and incineration which enable us to address different customer requirements.

We are one of the few providers that can offer a comprehensive portfolio of integrated waste management solutions. From sorting, incineration to aerobic composting to more ecological anaerobic digestion technologies (ADT), we have solutions from leading global market leaders which have been proven with successes.